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DJI Presents the New Zenmuse L2 Drone LiDAR: From the Intergeo Floor

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    DJI drone LiDARToday, at the InterGeo Show in Berlin, DJI Enterprise featured their new Zenmuse L2 drone Lidar: expanded range, even more accuracy.

    In a session led by DJI Solution Engineer Kyle Miller, the L2 was on display.  With a lot of improvements over the L1, the L2 ups the game for professionals in a wide range of survey use cases.  The L2 provides more flexibility, and offers a faster, more precise result.

    “[It’s been] 2-1/2 years since the release of L1, and we are pleased to announce the Zenmuse L2,” said Miller.  “You can fly higher, faster, and more accurately than the L1.”

    The L2 drone LiDAR offers some significant improvements for applications in construction and surveying: a 30% increase in detection range, denser point clouds, and more coverage in heavy vegetation.

    Increased Detection Range, More Precision

    The newest version of DJI’s drone-based LiDAR offers a whopping 30% increase of detection range over the previous model.  The company website says: “L2 can detect from 250 meters at 10% reflectivity and 100 klx, and up to 450 meters at 50% reflectivity and 0 klx. The typical operational altitude now extends up to 120 meters, notably enhancing operational safety and efficiency.”

    With smaller points, the L2 can detect smaller objects and provide better detail and more accurate digital elevation models. In addition, the L2 imoves from 3 returns to 5 returns: “More passes give you a better point cloud,” Miller explains.  The result is more ground points captured beneath the foliage.  “If you’re working in forestry, the L2 does a supreme job,” Miller said.

    With two scanning modes, frame-based design, and a better user experience, the L2 offers a complete solution and a complementary tool for commercial users in infrastructure management, forestry, land survey, and power.  Drone LiDAR,  isn’t designed to compete with manned aircraft: “but in many cases can act to fill in the gaps in the data,” Miller points out.

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